Why Do Antihistamines Not Work for Me?


Why Do Antihistamines Stop Working?

There's a couple of reasons that you might not think about for why your antihistamines just stopped working.

1. New or Worsening Allergies

The first reason you might not think about is that your allergies just might be getting worse or you might be getting new allergies.

2. Climate Change and Warming

The second reason you might not think about is that due to climate change and warming, we seem to be seeing that pollen season is lasting longer and longer each year. So people are experiencing worse allergies.

3. Immune System Changes

And the third reason that you really might not think about is that as you get older, your immune system changes, and many patients start to experience worse and worse allergy reactions.

The good news is if you work with a physician, you can often find a medication that will help your symptoms. And that way, you can get relief.

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