What kind of doctor should I see for allergy testing?


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What kind of doctor should you see?

So in general, for allergy testing, you probably want to see an allergist. And there's two types of allergists. So there's ear, nose, throat doctors (also known as ENTs or otolaryngologists) who specialize in allergy, which is what I am. And there's also asthma and immunology doctors who specialize in allergy as well.

What are the types of allergy tests?

Either way, there's two types of allergy testing. You can do an in office test, which is where you go to the office and they'll pick your skin on your forearm or your back with between 30 to 60 needles to test to see what you're allergic to. And that's a good way of trying to pinpoint your allergies.

There's also blood testing. Blood testing can also test for both food and environmental allergens like dust and dander and pollen. The blood tests now are usually just a single finger prick. We mail you the kit, and then you go over the results, usually over telemedicine or in the office. Anyways, I hope this answer your question.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks so much.

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