How to use the
Wyndly allergy test

Watch the video below to get started:

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1. Write your name and birthday on the back of your allergy test card. Open the bandage and gauze.

2. Drink a full glass of water 15 minutes before the test. This helps get the blood flowing.

3. Get your blood flowing by hanging your hand below your waist and shaking it around for 2 minutes. You can also jump, shake or dance (have fun!).

4. Wash your hands under warm water for at least 30 seconds and dry your hands.

5. Wipe the tip of your middle or ring finger with the alcohol wipe.

6. Twist off the top of the lancet and place it firmly against the side of the finger. Push the lancet into your finger until you hear a click. Wipe away the first drop with the provided gauze.

7. Allow the blood to drip onto the card in the circles. Try your best to fill the circles. Don’t smear or rub since that can affect your results. It’s ok if it’s not perfect!

8. Massage from your forearm to the tip of your finger to help get more drops to fill the circles. If needed, wash your hands with soap and use the second lancet on a second finger. Once done, apply the bandage. The hard part is done!

9. Let the card dry for at least 20 minutes. Once the card is dry, place it in the included specimen zip lock to protect it and then seal it into the prepaid envelope.

10. Please register your test if you have not already. Registering your test is necessary for processing!

11. Enjoy your candy and celebrate. You’re on your way to a life without allergies.

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