Getting started with the Wyndly At-Home Allergy Test

Before you take the at-home allergy test, watch our quick walkthrough video below!

It's time to take the At-Home Allergy Test Kit

For best results, complete and return your test within 14 days of receiving it.

Prepare for the allergy test

  1. Drink a full glass of water! This helps get the blood flowing.

  2. Make sure you have the following:

    • Instruction booklet
    • Band-aid and/or gauze
    • Alcohol pad
    • Lancet
    • Collection card
    • Specimen bag
    • Return label
    • Mailer bag
    • Celebration candy

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  3. Get your blood flowing by hanging your hand below your waist and shaking it around for 2 minutes.

    Tip: You can also jump, shake, or dance — have fun!

  4. Wash your hands under warm water for at least 30 seconds and dry your hands.

  5. Open the included band-aid and gauze to have them ready.

Take the allergy test

  1. Wipe the tip of your ring or middle finger with the alcohol pad.

  2. Twist off the top of the lancet and place it firmly against the side of the finger. Push the lancet into your finger until you hear a click. Wipe away the first drop with the provided gauze.

  3. Allow the blood to drip onto the circles on the collection card. Try your best to fill the circles. Don’t smear or rub since that can affect your results. It’s ok if it’s not perfect!

    Tip: Massage from your forearm to the tip of your finger to help get more drops to fill the circles. If needed, wash your hands with soap and use the second lancet on a second finger.

  4. Once the circles are filled in, apply the band-aid to your finger. The hard part is done!

Finish and ship your collected sample

  1. Let the collection card dry for at least 10 minutes.

  2. Once the card is dry, place it inside the specimen bag.

    Tip: Double-check that you’ve written your name, date of birth, and phone number on the back of your collection card.

  3. Place the specimen bag back into the Wyndly box to protect it.

  4. Apply the prepaid return label to the included mailer bag before placing the test box inside the mailer and sealing it.

  5. Place the package in your mailbox or scan the return label to schedule a pick up to return your sample to our labs.

  6. Enjoy your candy and celebrate, you’re on your way to a life without allergies! Your Wyndly doctor will reach out soon with your results.

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