How Wyndly works

1. See if you're a candidate

Tell us about your allergy history. Then, discuss your options online with a Wyndly doctor.

2. Get personalized treatment

Your doctor personalizes your treatment based on your unique allergy profile. Then, your medicine is sent straight to your home.

3. Live allergy free

We’re here for you every step of the way. Your doctor checks in on you regularly and is just a call, text or email away.

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  • Concern:Taking too many antihistamines every day
  • Allergies:Tree and Grass Pollen
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: At-home sublingual immunotherapy
Alex's Doctor

Dr. Manan Shah

  • Concern:Weekly in-office allergy shots take up too much time
  • Allergies:Pollen, Cats, Dogs, Dust
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: At-home sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops
Swati's Doctor

Dr. Kent Northcote

  • Concern:Trouble breathing through the whole day and night
  • Allergies:Pollen, Dust
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Sublingual immunotherapy
Joe's Doctor

Dr. Maheep Sohal

The new way to treat allergies

The only treatment that lasts years, not hours

Why use pills or sprays every day? Our physicians use at-home sublingual immunotherapy to train your immune system to ignore your allergy triggers for lifelong relief.

The easiest way to get the care you deserve

We believe care should be convenient and comfortable, so we make it easy for you to reach us with telemedicine over email, text, phone call, or video call.

The benefits of allergy shots, without the needles

Allergy shots are unpleasant and difficult. With allergy drops and tablets, also known as sublingual immunotherapy, you get all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

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Questions? Talk to a
Wyndly doctor

We’re ready to chat! We’re confident that we’ll be your favorite doctors, and we promise to give you the care you deserve.

Lifetime allergy relief made easy

$ 125 / month

That's it! No hidden fees! See if you're a candidate


  • More affordable than in-office allergy care with no surprise co-pays, fees, or deductibles. Plus, we're HSA and FSA eligible
  • Treating your allergies for life, not just for the next few hours
  • Treating the cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms
  • Online visits that save time — no more driving to the office and waiting to be called in.
  • Dedicated allergy specialists answering your questions 24/7

We’re dedicated to making you forget you have allergies.

Dr. Kent Northcote, Dr. Manan Shah, and Dr. Maheep Sohal

We're making allergy care better.

You’ve tried pills, sprays. They don't work for you. You're not alone.

I started Wyndly because I had hundreds of patients who were frustrated with their allergies -- they couldn't find a solution. I started Wyndly for them and for you.

Our mission is to get you back to living your life, in a simple and convenient way. We know there is a more personal way to give allergy care, and we’re leading the charge to change the game. We are proud to provide access to at-home sublingual immunotherapy so you can breathe better and live better.

Dr. Manan Shah
Chief Medical Officer

The science explained

This short video explains exactly how Wyndly trains your immune system to beat your personal allergy triggers.

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