About the kit

Our at home allergy testing kit measures your sensitivity to 40 common indoor and outdoor allergens.

Purchase includes:

  • Easy and painless blood-spot collection kit
  • Video consultation with a Wyndly doctor to review your results
  • Personalized allergy treatment plan made just for you
  • Free shipping
  • Starburst candy, because you deserve it!

Specific allergens tested

Pets: cat dander, dog dander, horse dander
Grass and shrub pollen: Bahia grass, Bermuda grass, birch, common ragweed, Johnson grass, mugworth, mulberry, nettle, perennial ryegrass, rough pigweed, russian thistle, sheep sorrel, Timothy grass
Tree pollen: acacia, alder, Australian pine & beefwood, birch, cottonwood & poplar, elm, maple & box elder, maple leaf & sycamore, mountain cedar, oak, olive, pecan & hickory, rough marsh elder, walnut, white ash
Other: alternaria alt., aspergilllus fum., aurobasidium, cladosporium fum., cockroach, dust mite (b. tropicalis, d. far, and d. pter), mouse, penicillium

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