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Who is the best doctor for allergy immunotherapy in Hagerstown, Maryland?

Allergy sufferers in Hagerstown, MD choose board-certified doctors at Wyndly for their expert allergy care and personalized, clinically proven, at-home treatment plans that train your body to be allergy-free. Our doctors value making you feel comfortable and heard while delivering sublingual immunotherapy treatment plans to your home.

When it comes to allergy treatments, most available options only treat your symptoms and do nothing to address your allergies long term. Allergy immunotherapy is the only clinically-proven method for fixing your allergies for good by training your immune system to beat your allergy triggers.

What Is Allergy Immunotherapy?

Allergies can be brutal for Hagerstown residents. That’s why allergy immunotherapy is so important. Unlike over-the-counter allergy medications, immunotherapy offers a lifetime of allergy relief without a lifetime of antihistamines. Through more holistic treatments, like sublingual allergy drops or allergy tablets, immunotherapy exposes your immune system to small traces of allergens (the particles that cause your allergic reactions). This exposure is so small that your body doesn’t negatively respond. With gradually increasing dosing, the immune system eventually develops a tolerance to the allergens and stops reacting when they are present in your environment.

By fixing your allergies and preventing an immune system reaction, you no longer have to suffer from symptoms like watery eyes, stuffy nose, or itchy skin from allergies around Maryland.

Types of Allergy Immunotherapy

The different types of allergy immunotherapy are highly effective at improving allergy symptoms in the long term. When choosing the type of immunotherapy that works for you, it is vital to keep in mind how it fits into your schedule, its potential side effects, and how convenient it is to get in Hagerstown.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are an injectable form of allergy immunotherapy. The shots contain small amounts of the allergens that trigger your allergies. While allergy shots effectively treat allergies, they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable since they require getting frequent shots at the doctor’s office. Allergy shots also have a risk of causing severe side effects like anaphylaxis.

Allergy Drop Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy is a form of allergy immunotherapy that can be taken under the tongue or orally. There are two types of sublingual immunotherapy: allergy drops and allergy tablets. Allergy drops are a popular choice because they can treat multiple allergies at once, while allergy tablets can only treat one allergy at a time. Unlike allergy shots, it doesn’t require the use of painful needles or frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Sublingual immunotherapy can safely be taken from the comfort of your home in Hagerstown!

How Long Does Immunotherapy Last?

The allergy immunotherapy treatment process lasts between 6 months and 5 years. Studies have shown the immune system will have decades of relief after 5 years of treatment, but just 6 months of locked-in allergy relief after 6 months of treatment. Most doctors suggest staying on the treatment for 3-5 years to have lifelong allergy relief.

How Long Does It Take Allergy Drops to Start Working?

Allergy drops from Wyndly take four weeks to start providing relief. After six months, you’ll forget you ever needed any other allergy relief. Of course, every person is different, it’s important to work with your doctor to fine tune your allergy immunotherapy protocol. Most patients will be on allergy immunotherapy for 3-5 years, the time needed to create long-term immune changes.

How Do I Get Allergy Immunotherapy in Hagerstown, Maryland?

Until a few years ago, this innovative treatment was only available at top research hospitals, but now you can easily get immunotherapy for your allergies delivered right to your home in Hagerstown. The process for getting allergy immunotherapy is simple:

1. Identify Your Allergy Triggers

The first step to getting allergy immunotherapy is identifying your allergy triggers. Order an at-home allergy test or share your existing allergy test so our doctors at Wyndly can pinpoint what allergies to treat. Your at-home allergy test arrives in the mail with easy-to-follow instructions and only requires a small finger prick (compared to a traditional skin-prick test that requires multiple pokes and itchy reactions). Taking our at-home allergy test is pain-free and convenient. Once you complete the test, you return the sample to our CLIA-certified lab in the provided pre-paid envelope for processing. If you have any issues, our allergy specialists are on standby to answer your questions and assist you in taking the test.

2. Get Treated by a Real Doctor

Your allergy doctor interprets your CLIA-certified results and creates a personalized treatment plan to fix your allergies. Using the same medications used in allergy shots, your Wyndly doctor creates a unique sublingual immunotherapy treatment plan to desensitize your immune system to your allergies. We also provide you with an individualized visualization that breaks down what your treatment plan entails and how to easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

3. Take Medicine for Allergy Immunotherapy

When you enroll in a monthly subscription through Wyndly, you get everything you need for allergy immunotherapy. Through our treatment program, your prescriptions get shipped to your door. And with free shipping, no refills to call in, and no trips to the pharmacy, nothing is holding you back from a simple allergy routine.

4. Live Better Without Symptoms

At Wyndly, your doctor works with you until you’re better. Your subscription includes appointments and regular check-ins with our dedicated doctors. As a Wyndly patient, you have unlimited access to our team. Available 24/7, you can reach a live allergy specialist when you need them most. We’re always just a text, call, or email away!

How Much Does Allergy Immunotherapy Cost in Hagerstown, Maryland?

Immunotherapy in Maryland doesn’t have to cost a fortune or feel inaccessible. When you choose Wyndly for your allergy treatment provider, you get everything you need, including appointments and treatments, for only $99 a month. There are no hidden fees, copays, or deductibles. Plus, we’re HSA and FSA eligible and cost less than in-office allergy care in Maryland. So for $99 a month, you get:

  • A lifetime of allergy relief
  • A personalized treatment plan based on your unique allergy profile
  • Access to 24/7 support from dedicated doctors
  • Holistic & clinically-proven medicine
  • Convenient and transparent treatment process

Compare this to going into an allergist, where all you get is a dimly-lit office, frustrating waiting times, and confusing insurance. Just the co-pays come out to $150/mo!

What Are the Alternatives to Allergy Immunotherapy?

There aren’t many long-term treatment alternatives to immunotherapy in Hagerstown. Most alternatives only mask your symptoms for short-term relief, which might not provide enough help to get you through the allergy season in Maryland.

Antihistamines are a popular allergy treatment, though they only provide temporary relief from your symptoms. Antihistamines are medications that stop your body from responding to allergens. They do this by blocking histamine from binding to receptors in your nose, throat, and eyes, reducing allergy symptoms. Antihistamines reach peak effectiveness in one to two hours and reduce symptoms for four to 24 hours, depending on the medication.

While antihistamines offer a solution for the short-term management of allergies, they do little more than mask symptoms. When you opt for allergy immunotherapy instead, you work toward eliminating your allergies for good, not just for the afternoon.

Get Long-Term Relief With Wyndly

If you live near Hagerstown, Maryland and want an allergy relief and allergy treatment that works, it’s time to consider allergy immunotherapy. This clinically-proven treatment doesn’t just reduce your symptoms for today. It eliminates them for life.

Book your Wyndly allergy immunotherapy consultation today, and we’ll send you a free at-home allergy test! Be one step closer to living allergy-free!

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