Aakash Shah

Wyndly co-founder, CEO

Aakash is a founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wyndly. As CEO, Aakash oversees every aspect of Wyndly, including marketing, engineering, customer support, and medical operations. He's led Wyndly through early conception, to first product, fundraising, and established the culture. He continues to lead the company's overall strategy.

Aakash is a regular speaker on topics including healthcare and telehealth, patient-centered care, startups, and product management. He regularly spends time interacting with Wyndly patients. As a Wyndly patient and founder, he’s dedicated himself to fixing people’s allergies with personalized treatment and phenomenal care.

Aakash created Wyndly with co-founder and cousin Dr. Manan Shah in 2020, participating in the Y Combinator W21 batch. Prior to Wyndly, Aakash graduated with a dual BA of Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia, where he also was a section leader in the drumline. Outside of Wyndly, Aakash advises entrepreneurs and students, writes on his website, aakash.io, and hosts the Founders and Builders podcast where he digs into the people taking big bets with new companies and ideas.

Find Aakash on Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

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