Get rid of your allergies, not your best friend.

Wyndly's doctors provide permanent relief for dog allergies using under-the tongue immunotherapy that targets your symptoms at the source.

Treat me now
Allergy freedom starts <span>here</span>

Allergy freedom starts here

Studies show that allergy drop immunotherapy treats dog allergies. Our physicians use prescription medications to expose your body to small doses of dog allergen, until you become tolerant- and you can do it at home on your schedule. You can also fix cat, pollen and dust allergies at the same time.

This means you can get the same life-changing results as allergy shots, without the weekly doctor's visits and painful injections.

Your dog is a huge part of your life.  But so is your allergy problem.

Your dog is a huge part of your life. But so is your allergy problem.

Immunotherapy is a modern solution that allows you to permanently ditch the antihistamines, and enjoy a truly allergy-free life with your best friend by your side.

And while you can’t put a price on love, immunotherapy is an affordable $99 a month with no surprise copays.


Immunotherapy fixes
pet allergies

  • Concern:Not being able to get a pet for his family
  • Allergies:Dog and cat hair
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: At home sublingual immunotherapy
Dr. Manan Shah
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Dr. Manan Shah

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How does the treatment work?

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Allergy drops are an at-home alternative to allergy shots prescribed by thousands of allergists across the country.
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Every day you take these medications you’re slowly exposing your immune system to a small, harmless dose of dog allergy extract.
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Throughout the treatment, you’re training your immune system to become tolerant of the dog dander. With each passing day, your symptoms become milder and milder.
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And because we start with an allergy test - your treatment plan is personalized to your allergies. This means you can even treat your cat and pollen allergies at the same time.
  • Results in as little as

    4 weeks

    Most allergy drop patients notice improvement between 4 weeks to 6 months.

  • Today over

    1 Million

    Americans have used immunotherapy drops to fix their allergies.

  • Prescribed by over


    Allergists across the United States who recommended immunotherapy.

Wyndly Physicians

Work with a trusted team

Our experienced team of physicians has helped thousands of patients fix their allergies right here from our Denver office.

We're excited to give you access to this same care, from anywhere- with the comfort of a real physician team.

All of our experts are board-certified and licensed physicians. Our head physician is the President of the Colorado ENT Society. We're excited to work with you.

Now available at your door

We'll never be more than a text away. In fact, the whole treatment process can be completed without the need to visit a doctors office.

And to make everything as easy as possible, we'll send everything you need directly to your home, giving you the freedom to take your treatments around on your schedule.

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    Take the at-home allergy test

    Get started with our our CLIA-certified test to diagnose your allergies - this can be taken from home!

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    Get a personalized treatment plan delivered

    Your doctor personalizes your treatment plan based on your unique allergy profile. Then, your medicine is sent straight to your door.

  • Graphic of trees and allergens

    Receive ongoing support

    Your doctor checks in on you regularly as the medicine slowly teaches your immune system to become tolerant of your dog allergy.

In-Office Allergy Shots
Pills and Sprays
Lifelong allergy relief
100% at-home care
Personalized treatment
Completely painless
24/7 Support
Allergy-Free As Soon As

4 Weeks

2 Years


Length of Treatment

As Little As 6 Months

5 Years








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