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Posted by u/new_dog_ownr
Dog Allergy

AdviceI just got a dog, but I just found out I'm allergic. What can I do?

We love our pups 🐶 . Allergies can develop as we get older, so it's possible you developed a dog allergy. At Wyndly, we can train your immune system to beat your dog allergy. It's a treatment called allergy drops (or sublingual immunotherapy). It's completely online, and everything is shipped right to your door. Plus, it works for cat, pollen, and dust allergies, too!
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Posted by u/mitesmitesmites
Dust Allergy / Indoor Allergy

QuestionI have a dust mite allergy, and I've tried air filters and pills and sprays and NOTHING IS WORKING. What should I do?

That's super frustrating! When it comes to allergies, air purifiers and antihistamines are like bandages — they cover up the problem, but they don't fix the underlying cause. You can actually train your immune system to ignore your allergy triggers. That's what we do at Wyndly — to make it so your body ignores your allergy triggers.

Why use pills or sprays every day? Our physicians use at-home sublingual immunotherapy to train your immune system to ignore your allergy triggers for lifelong relief. Sublingual immunotherapy has been shown in numerous clinical studies to relieve environmental allergy symptoms for long-term relief.

In-office allergy shots
Pills and sprays
Lifelong allergy relief
100% at-home care
Personalized treatment
Completely painless
24/7 support
Allergy-free as soon as

4 Weeks

2 Years


Length of treatment

As Little As 6 Months

5 Years






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  • Concern:Taking too many antihistamines every day
  • Allergies:Tree and Grass Pollen
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: At-home sublingual immunotherapy
Dr. Manan Shah
Alex's Doctor

Dr. Manan Shah

Dr. Manan Shah Signature
  • Concern:Weekly in-office allergy shots take up too much time
  • Allergies:Pollen, Cats, Dogs, Dust
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: At-home sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops
Dr. Kent Northcote
Swati's Doctor

Dr. Kent Northcote

Dr. Kent Northcote Signature
  • Concern:Trouble breathing through the whole day and night
  • Allergies:Pollen, Dust
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Sublingual immunotherapy
Dr. Maheep Sohal
Joe's Doctor

Dr. Maheep Sohal

Dr. Maheep Sohal Signature
Scattered Pills

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  • More affordable than in-office allergy care with no surprise co-pays, fees, or deductibles. Plus, we're HSA and FSA eligible
  • Treating your allergies for life, not just for the next few hours
  • Treating the cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms
  • Online visits that save time — no more driving to the office and waiting to be called in.
  • Dedicated allergy specialists answering your questions 24/7
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