Wyndly Joins Y Combinator to Make Lifelong Allergy Relief Convenient for Everyone

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce a major milestone that will allow us to invest more in the long-term success of Wyndly — and the success of our patients. We have joined Y Combinator for the Winter 2021 batch.

At Wyndly, our mission is to provide lifelong allergy relief through convenient and affordable allergy immunotherapy to people across the country. There are 50 million allergy sufferers in the United States. But there are only 6,000 allergists – and most are concentrated in major metro areas, meaning access to specialists is limited. As a result, many allergy sufferers settle for inadequate over-the-counter remedies that only manage their symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of their allergies.

We understand that patients want easy and convenient care. That’s why we give our patients one-on-one allergy care and personalized treatment, all while avoiding the hassle of in-person appointments. We connect patients with US-licensed doctors. After developing a relationship with a patient, our doctors create a personalized plan for the patient that guides the patient to allergy relief.

The way we treat allergies today, with antihistamines and nasal spray doesn't solve the underlying problem; it just tries to cover it up. Accessible allergy immunotherapy is the future. And in the future, taking antihistamines for allergies is going to seem like taking a painkiller for an ear infection. Why would you treat the symptoms when you could treat the root cause?

Joining Y Combinator has materially improved how we're building Wyndly. The motto at YC is to "build something people want". We know the 50 million allergy sufferers in the US want allergy relief. We’re building Wyndly to give them allergy relief.

Originally published February 12, 2021

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