Are Allergy Drops Safe for Treating Allergies?


How do you take allergy drops under your tongue?

Taking allergy drops under your tongue is simple! All you need to do is administer the prescribed number of drops, let them sit and dissolve, and then swallow. This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to allergy shots, which require a doctor’s visit and the use of painful needles.

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Allergy drops are safe to take. And that's why most of the time we let patients take them at home without the supervision of a physician. Most people want to know what are the kinds of side effects that I could experience? In general, in the studies we see things like itching or irritation on the tongue or nausea and upset stomach.

But even that is pretty rare. The question most people want to know, I think is what's my risk of a severe reaction. And when you look at the clinical research, the risk of a severe reaction has been cited as something like one in a hundred million or one in a billion. And no one has ever died from allergy drops.

That's why we think that allergy drops are safe to use, as long as they're being provided under the guidance of a licensed medical provider.

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