How Do Allergies Cause Brain Fog?


What causes brain fog?

Brain fog can make it difficult to focus and can sometimes cause confusion and mental fatigue. Typically brain fog can be attributed to stress, lack of sleep, and feeling overworked at work or school. Common conditions like allergies or the flu can also cause brain fog.

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Why do allergies cause brain fog? I'm Dr. Manan Shah, I'm an ENT and allergist with Wyndly Health. There's two reasons why allergies cause that brain fog feeling.

The first reason is that when an allergen goes into your nose and irritates it, it causes release of something called histamine. Histamine is a chronic inflammatory molecule. That's just going to make you feel foggy and bad.

But the second reason that not ever realizes is when the allergens go into your nose, they cause swelling inside your nose. And what that means is the next night, when you're trying to sleep, you're not going to get good air flow. You're basically going to get bad sleep. And the next day you're gonna have trouble concentrating and feeling good.

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