Are Allergy Shots or Allergy Drops More Effective?


Is there an alternative to allergy shots?

Sublingual immunotherapy is a safe and effective alternative to allergy shots. Unlike allergy shots, sublingual immunotherapy doesn’t require needles or a trip to the doctor to take a dose. Instead, it’s administered under the tongue by the patient at home, using drops or tablets.

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Our allergy drops just as effective as allergy shots. Yes. So there's never been a head-to-head study, but in 2013, a study in the journal of clinical immunology by Katherine Meads, compared all those studies that she could find on the two and found that there there's no clear evidence at one was superior over the other. In 2015, a study by Martin Pedagozow, again looked at all the studies and found that in general, the choice between allergy shots or allergy drops should be based on patient preference - because both have been shown to be highly effective at improving allergy symptoms for the longterm.

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