Can Seasonal Allergies Cause Fatigue?


Do allergies make you feel tired?

Allergies can make you feel tired or fatigued because they can negatively impact your ability to sleep and they can put a strain on your immune system. Another reason allergies can cause fatigue is that some treatments, like antihistamines, can be sedating for certain patients.

There are three main reasons why allergies can make you feel tired.

1. Immune System Response

The first reason is the allergies themselves can just make you feel awful. You can get brain fog, you can feel like you have to sneeze, and you're congested. And a lot of times, it just makes people want to go back to bed.

2. Decreased Ability to Sleep

The second reason is that allergies can actually affect your ability to sleep. So if your nose is congested, and you're just congested and sneezy, you're not going to get good sleep. And the next day you're also going to be tired.

3. Sedating Allergy Treatments

And the third reason that a lot of people don't think about is most of the time when you have environmental allergies, you're treating yourself with antihistamines like Zyrtec, Claritin, or Benadryl. And these can often be sedating for certain patients. So allergies can absolutely make you feel tired.

How to Stop Feeling Tired From Allergies?

The good news is you can often fix your allergies using a technique called immunotherapy.

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