Do Humidifiers Help Allergy Symptoms?


Are humidifiers good for allergies?

Allergy doctors might recommend using a humidifier to help loosen the mucus in your nose and make it easier to blow out the irritants that are triggering your allergies. Using a nasal saline rinse can also help your allergies in this way.

How Do They Help?

When you have nasal allergies, what happens is pollen or irritants get into your nose and cause nasal swelling. Things like nasal saline rinses and humidifiers can certainly help because they can loosen up the mucus and allow you to blow some of those irritants out of your nose.

This can help decrease your exposure to the allergens. So that's why a lot of doctors are going to recommend a humidifier or a salt water rinse.

Best Home Treatment

Ultimately, the key is to try to get rid of the allergy irritants so you don't have as many symptoms. But there's also immunotherapy that you can use to retrain your immune system to become desensitized to those allergens.

Immunotherapy introduces small doses of allergens to your body. Through this repeated exposure, your immune system will stop reacting to allergens in your environment. Sublingual immunotherapy is just as effective as allergy shots, but it can be safely taken from the comfort of your home!

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