Can You Get An Ear Infection From Allergies?


Do allergies cause ear infections?

Yes, allergies can cause ear infections. Seasonal allergies can make it harder for your ears to drain into your nose due to swelling and irritation. This can result in an ear infection, ear pain, and ear aches.

What Is an Ear Infection?

An ear infection is an infection that takes place in the ear. The different parts of the ear, the inner, middle, and outer ear, can get infected due to many reasons. One reason you might not be aware of is that you can get an ear infection from allergies.

Ear Infection from Allergies

Your ears and your nose are actually connected by a tube that comes to the back of the nose called the Eustachian tube. So when your nose is swollen and irritated from allergies, your Eustachian tube can actually swell shut.

What happens then, is there's not a good ability for your ears to drain into your nose, and fluid and bacteria can back up. So this can cause ear pressure, ear pain, fullness, and that feeling like you're in the mountains or on an airplane. And it can also cause ear infections.

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