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Have a cat allergy but want a cat?

Manan Shah, MD, ENT

Wyndly co-founder & Chief Medical Officer. Dedicated to personalizing care and making allergies a thing of the past.

Updated on Nov 2, 2021


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‍Have a cat allergy but want a cat?

The thing about cats is the antigen that causes a cat allergy, which is called "fel d 1", is really sticky, meaning it's really hard to get off pillows or sheets or carpets, and it floats around the air. If there's a cat in the house, you're probably going to get allergy symptoms. So usually what I tell people is first try some of the over-the-counter things like nasal saline, rinses, or topical nasal steroids or allergy medications.

‍If these control your symptoms great, take them. They're pretty safe. You can use them every day. If these don't control your symptoms, then you may want to talk to your doctor about getting an allergy test and considering sublingual immunotherapy or allergy shots. The allergy shots are where you get a needle in the arm every week. The allergy drops or where you take a couple drops under the tongue every day.

‍Over time, these things help you build up a tolerance to cats and they decrease your symptoms, which is just much better than trying to live with a cat and having bad sneezing and itchy nose all the time.

Anyways, if you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks so much.


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Manan Shah, MD, ENT

Wyndly co-founder, Chief Medical Officer