How to take Allergy Drops, Explained by a Doctor


What are allergy drops called?

Allergy drops are often referred to as sublingual immunotherapy. They are administered under the tongue. You typically take them every day, self-administering the prescribed number of drops. You then let them absorb for about one to two minutes before swallowing.

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How do you take allergy drops? I'm Dr. Manan Shah with Wyndly Health. Allergy drops are really easy to take. You want to leave your vial somewhere where you're going to see it every day so you're reminded to be consistent.

Then what you want to do is just take your appropriate prescribed amount of drops, underneath your tongue and leave it there for about one to two minutes so it has time to absorb and interact with your immune cells.

Then you can just swallow it. Most of the time, I tell my patients, take your drops and then either do your shaving or your combing or whatever you need to do in your morning routine. And about two minutes later, you swallow and you're all done. Thanks so much.

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