How Long Do Allergy Tests Take?


How long does allergy testing take?

The time it will take to get an allergy test will depend on the type of test you use. Skin prick testing will usually take around 1-2 hours and at-home allergy tests can take closer to five or six minutes to complete.

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Allergy testing takes different amounts of time, depending on what kind of tests you'd use.

Skin Prick Allergy Testing

So if you do skin prick testing, it usually takes between an hour to two to go get your skin stuck 60 times at an office. And then we have to check in and follow up to see what the results are.

Blood Allergy Testing

If you want any blood testing, it can take substantially less time. So you can go to a local lab like Quest Labs or Labcorp, and have your blood drawn. That takes about the time it takes to drive there, park, sit down, get your blood drawn, and go home.

At-Home Allergy Test

And now they're actually convenient home allergy tests that allow you to take a finger prick and your blood sample can be analyzed using a lab by mailing away the card.

Who to Go to for Allergy Testing?

Ultimately, the test isn't the most important part. The most important part is working with a doctor who's going to listen to you and understand your symptoms and make sure that your test results match up with what your symptoms are. Because that's what we want to treat. We treat the patient, not the test.

Allergy Testing With Wyndly

At Wyndly, our allergy test kits are easy to take and only need a quick finger prick. Once you return your test, our allergy doctors will interpret your results and meet with you to create a personalized treatment plan for long-term relief. Order your at-home allergy test kit today to discover your allergy triggers!

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