What To Expect From Your Seasonal Allergies


What are common seasonal allergy symptoms?

There are a variety of common symptoms you may experience with seasonal allergies, including – a runny nose, coughing, congestion, sneezing, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, watery eyes, and aggravated symptoms if you have asthma. You may experience one or more of these symptoms in varying degrees of severity.

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What Are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies tend to occur due to allergies to pollen from trees, grasses, or weeds. And so these allergy symptoms last, as long as those things are pollinating.

Allergens by Seasons 

So for trees that tends to be for about two or three months in the spring. For grasses, that tends to be for about two or three months in the summer. And for weeds, it tends to be in the fall. And so what happens is the pollen from these trees, grasses, or weeds gets into your nasal cavity that irritates the tissue and causes inflammation.

What Are the Symptoms?

And your body responds by releasing histamine, which is what causes all of your allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, itching, watery eyes.

Do Allergies Go Away After the First Frost?

Usually when the first frost hits your allergy symptoms should decrease because the pollen tends to go away.

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