How Long Until Allergy Drops Are Effective?


What happens if you stop taking allergy drops?

If you stop taking allergy drops before the treatment period is over, you may not gain the full benefits. Most people are able to eventually stop taking allergy drops after 3 to 5 years. After the treatment period, many individuals find lifelong relief from their symptoms.

When Do Allergy Sufferers See an Improvement?

How long before people start to notice the benefits of their allergy immunotherapy drops in my clinical experience, it's usually around six to eight months. While there are studies that cite numbers as low as eight weeks or even six weeks, I think you're going to notice the biggest difference or how in six months or shortly thereafter.

What Are the Benefits of Allergy Drops?

Sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops are a form of immunotherapy, which trains your immune system to build up a tolerance to your allergy triggers and stop reacting to them. Immunotherapy does this by gradually exposing your body to small doses of what you’re allergic to. Over time, your body stops reacting to your allergy triggers, resulting in long-term allergy relief.

Allergy drops are just as effective as other forms of immunotherapy, like allergy shots. But unlike allergy shots, which need to be taken at a doctor’s office and require frequent shots, allergy drops can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Research shows that allergy drops are as safe or even safer than allergy shots and that they have a lower risk of causing severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis.

Does Sublingual Immunotherapy Treat Your Allergy Symptoms for Life?

Because sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops are a form of immunotherapy, they are a long-term solution for allergy relief. Once you complete the full treatment process and train your immune system to no longer react to your allergy triggers, you can experience lifelong allergy relief.

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