How to Not Be Allergic to Cats


A lot of people suffer from cat allergies. And the tough thing is cats can be awesome. So sometimes people want to have them.

How Do You Reduce Allergies to Cats?

The good news is you can use a technique called immunotherapy where your body's exposed to small doses of cat dander. Until over time, you become desensitized. The way we do this as doctors is we use an FDA-approved allergy extract for cat dander.

Can You Get Used to Cat Allergies?

Now a lot of people ask why can't I just live with my cat, and won't I then just get immune to it, then. Unfortunately, we just don't seem to see that this is the case. What I think is happening is that when you live with a cat, you're getting varying doses of cat dander, and you're getting high doses of cat dander. Whereas with immunotherapy, we start you at a really small dose, and we slowly build you up until your body gets desensitized.

Does Immunotherapy Work for Cat Allergies?

Ultimately, I've seen a lot of patients that I've taken care of get better from their cat allergies, myself included.

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