How to Stop Sneezing?


Why can’t I stop sneezing?

Uncontrollable sneezing is a common allergy symptom. When you inhale dust, pollen, or pet dander you might sneeze as your body tries to get those molecules back out of your nose. The best way to stop sneezing fits is by treating your allergies with sublingual immunotherapy.

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What Triggers a Sneezing Fit?

So typically if you have allergies to something like dust or pollen or animal dander when you breathe it into your nose, what's happening is your body is mistaking these harmless substances for something scary, like a parasite or a bacteria.

How Is It an Immune System Response?

And what happens is it binds to cells in your immune system and your immune system triggers a response that is a scared response. It's basically trying to get rid of these molecules. So the sneeze response is actually a way of getting those molecules back out of your nose.

Can You Prevent Sneezing From Allergies?

The good news is, if you want to fix your allergies, there are techniques called immunotherapy, that can help you fix your allergy symptoms for long-term relief.

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