Ways To Treat Your Allergies Other Than Antihistamines


What relieves allergies for good?

If you’re looking for lifelong relief from your allergy symptoms, your best option is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy retrains your immune system to ignore or tolerate allergen substances, providing you with long-term relief from allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy is a safe and effective treatment.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is the only way that you can change your immune system for long-term allergy relief. If you have an allergy to grass, dustmite, or ragweed, we have tablets that you can take at home to do your immunotherapy.

Finding the Right Treatment

If you have an allergy to trees, animals molds, or if you have multiple allergies, unfortunately we don't have tablet forms. So, what your doctor will do is prescribe you allergy drops. Both methods have 30 years of research showing that they work for your allergy symptoms. It just depends on you and your personalities.

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