Best Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System Against Allergies


How can you build immunity to seasonal allergies?

The best way to build a tolerance to seasonal allergies is through immunotherapy. Allergy immunotherapy will expose your body to small amounts of what you are allergic to. Over time you will become desensitized and stop reacting when exposed to allergens.

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There are really only three ways that you can treat allergies.

Limit Exposure

If you're allergic to something like cats and dogs, you can avoid it by, you know, not being around the cat. But that can be hard for things like pollen and tree pollen and grass pollen.

Take Antihistamines

The other option is you can take antihistamines like Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra. Or you can do nasal sprays to try to help avoid the symptoms. These will help you for about six to eight hours, but they're not gonna cause a permanent change.

Use Immunotherapy

The only way to cause long-term relief for your allergies is through a technique called immunotherapy. Using immunotherapy, you expose your body to small doses of what you're allergic to until, over time, you become desensitized. There are two ways of doing immunotherapy. You can do weekly allergy shots, or you can do sublingual immunotherapy, which you can take under the tongue. Both methods are gonna cause exposure until, over time, you become immune.

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