The Best Way to Treat Your Cat Allergy


How do I know if I am allergic to cats?

If you develop allergy symptoms when you’re around cats or around people who own cats, you may have a cat allergy. However, you could also be reacting to other indoor allergens or you may have seasonal allergies. The only way to know for sure is with an allergy test.

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How do you treat your cat allergies without having to do allergy shots? I'm Dr. Manan Shah. I'm an ENT and allergist with Wyndly Health.

How Do You Treat Your Cat Allergies Without Having to Do Allergy Shots?

So for years, the only way that you could get rid of your cat allergy was through either getting rid of your cat or doing allergy shots. But in the 1980s, in the United Kingdom, scientists realized that they could give you the same FDA approved allergy extract, but if you took it by mouth, using a drop, instead of doing a weekly shot if you took it daily, you can actually achieve the same effects as the weekly shot. And it actually ended up being safer. They also found that this method worked just as well for dog allergies, for dust, and pollen.

How Long Does It Take?

So how long does this take? Well, just like allergy shots, it takes between three to five years to create that long-term change. And this makes sense because it's the same exact medication. You're just using a different route of administration.

How Long Does It Last?

How long does it last? Well, most studies have shown that allergy drop immunotherapy leads to long-term clinical changes. So we have studies where patients have been checked eight years after they stopped therapy, and their symptoms still haven't returned.

Are Allergy Drops as Safe as Allergy Shots?

I've treated tons of patients in my physical practice. And across the clinical literature, we've seen that allergy drops tend to be safer than allergy shots because there's a significantly lower risk of anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergy reaction.

What’s the Data for Cats?

What's the data for cats? Well, there's a great 2007 study in the Journal of Allergy that showed that using cat dander extract, sublingually, daily, improved your cat allergy symptoms in the same way that allergy shots would.

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