What Allergens Are Blooming in the Fall?


Why are my allergies worse in fall?

Fall is the allergy season for ragweed, which is one of the most widespread and allergenic weed species. If your allergies are worse in fall, it’s possible you’re allergic to ragweed or another type of weed. Mold allergies also tend to be worse in fall and can carry into winter.

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What allergens are blooming in the fall? I'm Dr. Manan Shah. I'm an ENT allergist with Wyndly Health. If you're someone who starts sneezing or having a runny nose or watery eyes every September, October, fall, you may want to get tested for weed allergies. Ragweed is the most common weed allergy that blooms in the fall, but there's a lot of other ones like mugwort and nettle and marsh elder that can also cause weed allergies.

Unfortunately, these are common across the entire United States. And even more unfortunately, as the temperatures across the earth rise, weeds will tend to bloom more and we'll have a longer blooming season. So if you're really bothered by this, please reach out. We'd love to help you.

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