What Are Allergy Shots and How Do They Work?


What are allergy shots?

Allergy shots are an injectable form of allergy immunotherapy. The shots will contain small amounts of a substance that triggers an allergic reaction, with dosing gradually increasing over time until the immune system develops a tolerance. Allergy drops can be used as a needle-free alternative.

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What are allergy shots? I'm Dr. Manan Shah with Wyndly Health and I'm an ENT and an allergist. Allergy shots are otherwise known as subcutaneous immunotherapy. And they're a method of using frequent injections to expose your immune system to small doses of what you're allergic to, until over time, you become desensitized. For patients that don't want to do it using the injection route, there are oral medications that you can take at home. If you'd like to learn more, please subscribe.

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