What Is Pollen and What Does It Look Like?


What does pollen look like?

Pollen typically looks like a fine yellow or white dust. During pollen season you might be able to see a light layer of pollen on your car or outdoor furniture. Pollen isn’t always visible, so you won’t always be able to see it around you.

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Where Does Pollen Come From?

Pollen comes from seed plants, and it's what they use to germinate.

What Does It Look Like?

And it typically looks like a yellow or white dust.

Is Pollen Always Visible?

So sometimes when you go out, it's on your lawn furniture, or you'll see it on the hood of your car in spring. The bad news is sometimes this pollen is so thin and small, you can't actually see it. But you're still breathing it in.

How to Treat Pollen Allergies?

Now, the good news is there's a lot of treatments like immunotherapy that can help you fix your pollen allergies for good.

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