What Is Septal Perforation and How Do You Fix It?


Can septal perforation heal itself?

A perforated septum may or may not heal on its own. The healing process will depend on the size of the perforation, the location, and the damage done to the tissue. For most people, the perforation will not heal completely on its own.

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What is septal perforation? I'm Dr. Manan Shah, I'm an ENT. So inside your nose, there's a piece of cartilage that divides your nose into a right and left nasal cavity. If you look at it from the side view, it looks like this little piece of cartilage here and above it and below it is bone.

This cartilage is floppy and so sometimes you can actually get a hole that connects the right. And the left knows a lot of times this can be to use due to drug use like cocaine. It can be used due to picking your nose and trauma, and it can also be due to just getting kit ultimately the best way to fix it is surgery, but it can lead to crusting and congestion and nosebleeds. And thanks a lot.

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