What to Know Before Getting Allergy Shots

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Three things to know before you get allergy shots. I'm Dr. Manan Shah, I'm an ENT and allergist with Wyndly Health.

The first thing you should know with allergy shots is they're not an immediate solution. When you start taking your allergy shots, you'll still have symptoms in the beginning, but the good news is most patients get really great long-term relief.

The second thing you want to know before you start doing allergy shots is you should do them in a physician's office. While there are some practices that might let you do them at home, in general, it's safer to do them with a physician's office because there's a risk of a bad allergy reaction.

And three, you want to know that allergy shots are going to fix your allergies for long-term. So most patients who finish your allergy shot course are going to have lifelong allergy relief.

The other way you can do this is sublingual immunotherapy, which is a home allergy drop method. Thanks.

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