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Why Do Allergies Affect How You Breathe and Sleep?

Manan Shah, MD, ENT

Wyndly co-founder & Chief Medical Officer. Dedicated to personalizing care and making allergies a thing of the past.

Updated on Nov 3, 2021


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Allergies can make it really hard to breathe and they can even make it hard to sleep. And overall, they just make you feel bad. Why? When you breathe in something that you're allergic like dust or dander or pollen, what happens is it goes inside your nose. It's absorbed through the mucus membranes in your nose into your bloodstream. Your body then releases a molecule called histamine. Histamine causes your tissues and your nose to swell up. And this makes it hard for the air to actually pack. But histamine also causes you to make a lot more mucus, which makes your nose runny. It makes you stuffy and it just makes you feel terrible.

So, fixing your allergies so that you don't release histamine can actually cause you to just sleep better, breathe better and overall feel better.


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