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The Science

Personalized Allergy Treatment Supported by Science

In 2003, and again in 2010, the Cochrane Review, an independent organization for evidence based medicine, reviewed 314 of scientific studies and concluded that sublingual immunotherapy is both effective and safe for treatment of environmental allergies.

Comparison studies show that allergy tablets, allergy drops, and allergy shots are all equally effective.

Wyndly makes permanent allergy relief available to everyone through telemedicine and personalized allergy treatment plans.

How does immunotherapy fix allergies?

Used by Doctors and Experts Across the U.S.

Sublingual immunotherapy has been available at leading hospitals for years- now it’s available from your couch.

Learn more about sublingual immunotherapy from leading experts from Johns Hopkins, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine or read about it on the AAOA’s website.

Wyndly is guided by leading rhinologists from Stanford Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, and The University of Arizona. Read more about the roles of these experts here.

Wyndly’s mission is to give everyone access to this life changing therapy.

Wyndly is proud to make sublingual
immunotherapy available to everyone.

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    Under-the-tongue absorption, which is easier and less painful compared to a weekly shot

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    At-home administration, which is more convenient than a weekly doctor’s visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Allergy care can be confusing. Let's clear things up.