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How are Wyndly and different?

Seasonal and indoor allergies are a problem for millions of Americans. Fortunately, allergy testing and treatments are becoming more accessible and widely available for those suffering from allergies. So, when you come across multiple companies offering to help with your allergies, how do you choose the right option?

Wyndly is the best way to treat your allergies from home and find lifelong relief from your symptoms. Often, when people search for allergy testing options, they also come across provides testing for a wide array of conditions, including allergies, but lacks any allergy treatment options.

Wyndly doctors specialize in fixing allergies forever

Unlike, Wyndly is led by a team of guiding allergy researchers and doctors, committed to offering approachable solutions for allergy testing and treatment. Our doctors are dedicated to listening to your allergy history and concerns and working with you to create a personalized treatment plan based on your allergy profile.

While offers lab testing, their focus is scattered across several areas of wellness, at Wyndly, we’re focused solely on allergy testing and treating allergies with immunotherapy. Since immunotherapy is the most effective solution for long-term allergy relief, we only offer the best care. We also know that your allergy care deserves better than a one-size fits all solution. Our doctors will include you in the process of creating your treatment plan since you know what will be most sustainable for you.

Wyndly provides 24/7 expert doctor support – not just nurses

Making our patients feel comfortable and heard is just as important to us as our expert allergy-facing care. When you’re working on long-term treatment for something like allergies, you want to be able to talk to your doctor and feel like you can easily approach them when you have questions or concerns. At Wyndly, we’re dedicated to our patients. Unlike other solutions, you’ll talk one-on-one to a real doctor who approaches helping you feel better with empathy and care. There are no bots and no automated responses when you work with us.

What makes Wyndly a popular competitor?

Wyndly is a popular competitor because Wyndly offers more focused, comprehensive allergy services. offers allergy testing as just one of its offerings and doesn’t provide any treatment options. Wyndly’s only offering is allergy treatment because our solution is dedicated to providing our patients with lifelong relief from their indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms.

With leading allergy researchers on the Wyndly team, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best allergy treatment plan possible for your individual allergy profile.

  • Dr. Manan Shah, MD

    Founder, Chief Medical Officer
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  • Kent Northcote, MD

    Wyndly Allergy Specialist
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  • Bhavesh Patel, MD

    Wyndly Allergy Specialist
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What you get with Wyndly

Daily treatment. A lifetime of relief.
We bring our experience as allergy specialists to every interaction with our patients. We’re not just online doctors, we’re real physicians with patients and practices we care about.
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Retrain your immune system to stop the cause of allergies for good, instead of just relieving symptoms for a few hours.
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Our physicians use FDA-approved sublingual tablets, or use clinically proven dosing for oral use.
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Skip in-office visits with no more commuting time or waiting rooms.
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We make a treatment plan based on your personal allergy triggers.
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Regular online check-ins with US-licensed physicians. Plus 24/7 availability for questions or concerns via text, email, call or any way you’d like to connect.
We bring our experience as allergy specialists to every interaction with our patients. We’re not just online doctors, we’re real physicians with patients and practices we care about.

Why people choose Wyndly

Why choose Wyndly over other allergy solutions or over traditional in-person allergy treatment plans? There are plenty of reasons! Wyndly makes allergy treatment as convenient and painless as possible while also making it very affordable.

Some of the reasons people choose Wyndly to get relief from their allergy symptoms include:

  • Long-term allergy treatment at the source
  • Treatment by a real doctor with years of experience
  • No more in-office visits required
  • Affordable at-home allergy test kit
  • Painless and safe sublingual immunotherapy
  • Personalized treatment plans based on your allergy profile
  • 24/7 expert doctor support and medicine
  • Blue checkmarkVerified Patient


    “I strongly recommend it for any long term allergy sufferers. If you’re out there wondering, ‘will this work for me?’ - please try it.”

  • Blue checkmarkVerified Patient


    “I always had horrible allergies - nothing really helped. Allergy shots weren’t a fit for my lifestyle. I found Wyndly, and it changed my life.”

  • Blue checkmarkVerified Patient


    “The drops have been such a great solution for me. I’ve been doing it for about four to five months now, and it’s unbelievable. I can breathe!”

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Long-term allergy treatment at the source

Typically, people will deal with their indoor and seasonal allergies by avoiding their triggers and taking allergy medication during allergy season. At best, this manages your symptoms to a bearable level in the short term. Often, you’ll still have some bad days during allergy season, even if you’re taking steps to relieve your symptoms.

Wyndly provides long-term allergy treatment instead of short-term symptom management. We send sublingual immunotherapy treatment plans to your door. Sublingual immunotherapy treats allergies at the source. Using drops or tablets that are administered under the tongue, sublingual immunotherapy introduces small doses of your allergen to your immune system. Over time, this retrains your immune system to ignore or tolerate these substances. If your immune system is ignoring allergen substances, you don’t experience allergy symptoms.

Get treated by a real doctor

Wyndly team of U.S.-licensed physicians will design your allergy treatment plan, check in with you throughout your treatment, and be available to answer any questions you might have. Our doctors aren’t just online doctors. They have years of experience working at their own practice, which is led by experts from Stanford and Case Western. You can trust you’re in good hands when you choose Wyndly as your allergy treatment provider.

But the right qualifications aren’t the only thing you want out of a doctor. Wyndly’s doctors are friendly and approachable. Other solutions may have automated responses or doctors that will send your treatment plan and remain hands-off throughout the process. We’re committed to a comfortable doctor-patient relationship, so you aren’t left to your own devices during your treatment. Our doctors care about listening to your questions and concerns and ensuring you get better.

  • Stanford Medicine


  • Case Western Reserve University


  • The University of Arizona


No more in-office visits

In-office visits are inconvenient at best, especially when it comes to allergy testing and treatment. One of the best parts of using Wyndly is that you no longer have to go to an office for allergy testing and treatment. Everything we offer can be done in the comfort of your own home.

However, some people are worried about remote doctors being impersonal. While this may be the case for many solutions, it’s not true with Wyndly. Our doctors will remain hands-on throughout the treatment process.

Allergy testing in person can be expensive and uncomfortable. In-person allergy treatment can be even more expensive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. If you’re going to a doctor’s office for allergy treatment, you’re likely taking allergy shots, which can be painful. You also have to go to the doctor to take every dose. Sublingual immunotherapy, on the other hand, is painless and can be safely self-administered at home.

Allergy care that is affordable and convenient

In-Office Allergy Shots
Pills and Sprays
Lifelong allergy relief
100% at-home care
Personalized treatment
Completely painless
24/7 Support
Allergy-Free As Soon As

4 Weeks

2 Years


Length of Treatment

As Little As 6 Months

5 Years






How is Wyndly different from other allergy medicines?

Wyndly is different from other allergy medicines because it’s a real treatment for allergies. Over-the-counter allergy medications and prescription allergy meds are useful for temporarily relieving your allergy symptoms, but they don’t treat your allergies at the source. Wyndly gives you access to sublingual immunotherapy, which can relieve your allergy symptoms for life after you’ve taken doses over time. Wyndly also connects you with a doctor who personalizes your treatment plan and will be available to you throughout your treatment for check-ins and questions.

Wyndly is also different from allergy treatments like allergy shots because you don’t have to go to the doctor, take time out of your day, and deal with needles. Sublingual immunotherapy is pain-free and can be taken at home.


    I just started with Wyndly and I am very impressed. Everyone has been very helpful and most importantly, I feel heard.


    Manan Shah is the best allergist! I haven't felt this good in years. The team at Wyndly really makes you feel like you are getting one-on-one care. They are very responsive and supportive.

    KANE A.

    Wyndly helped me control and manage my seasonal and pet allergies, and made a real impact on my quality of life! Thanks Wyndly!


Not convinced? Read all of our reviews.

The benefits of a Wyndly at-home allergy test kit

If you need to find out what you’re allergic to before getting started with a treatment plan, we make allergy testing convenient. Our at-home test kit will be sent right to your door. From there, you just need to do a simple finger prick to provide us with a sample. Send your completed kit back to us and we’ll determine your allergy profile. It’s that easy!

It’s also affordable. Many allergy tests are only covered by insurance if you prove that they’re medically necessary, and they’re not covered for investigative purposes. That’s why we’ve made our kit affordable, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and expense that comes with in-person testing. Plus, in-person testing usually requires a skin prick test or a blood draw. Our test is easy and painless.

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