Bristle's Brian Maurer talks Oral Microbiomes on Conversations in Healthcare

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What is Bristle Health?

Bristle helps people measure, understand, and improve oral health through the oral microbiome.
Using the Bristle Oral Health Test, customers provide a saliva sample for analysis and receive detailed information about the microbes (fungi and bacteria) in their mouths associated with a variety of oral health conditions including tooth decay, gum inflammation, and halitosis (bad breath).
Based on their results, users receive diet, hygiene, and oral care product recommendations to improve the balance of microbes - potentially helping with related issues they may be suffering from. Bristle also provides 1:1 coaching through hygienists focused on oral health & hygiene education to help users implement their recommendations.

Brian Maurer from Bristle



Video transcript:
I just wanted to have a quick conversation in healthcare with my friend, Brian, who is a founder of Bristle. Brian, tell the people what you do.

Hey Aakash! Thanks so much for having me. So I'm a co-founder at Bristle, and at Bristle we've developed an at- home saliva test to help people better measure, understand, and improve their oral health.

Basically, from a saliva test, what we do is we look at all the bacteria and fungi that contribute to tooth decay, gum inflammation, bad breath, and other conditions. And then can give more personalized diet, hygiene and product recommendations based on their results. We also include a one-on-one coaching session with one of our hygienists, all with the goal of helping people to improve their health and make oral care more personalized and less painful.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing that. One question that jumps to mind before we hop off -- is this a replacement for the dentist or is this something that you would do, you know, as a way to identify that "Wait, maybe there's something deeper going on, and now I should take my butt into the dentist's chair and get poked in my mouth."

That's a great question. And one we get a lot. We don't see ourselves as an alternative to a dentist. Really what we see is a way to up level your health. You know, when you go to your primary care physician, it's very common to take a blood draw. And what they're doing is they're looking at the underlying factors of your.

We don't have that in, in dentistry or oral health today. So where we really see ourselves fitting is in the preventative space of dental and oral health. So you can go to the dentist, bring your bristle results, or take your bristle results and understand if you have an imbalance of the bacteria that are actually driving your recurring condition, or if everything looks good, even better.

But really that way to up level your oral health, and really start to understand what's going on before something goes wrong.

Awesome. Well, that's all my questions. Brian, tell the people where to find you. And if there's anything else you wanna mention.

Yeah. You can find or on Twitter or socials @bristlehealth

We're always happy to answer questions and yeah, looking to, looking forward to getting into contact with everyone.

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