Can You Get Fluid in Ears From Allergies?


Do allergies cause fluid in ears?

Allergies can cause fluid to drain out of your ears. This can happen due to the connection between your ears and nose. When your nose gets stuffy from allergies, your eustachian tube can swell shut, causing ear infections and fluid.

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What Is Ear Drainage?

Ear drainage is a fluid that your ear can discharge due to several different reasons. Fluid from your ears usually indicates that you have an ear infection. If you are experiencing an ear infection you might experience ear pain and discomfort.

Do Allergies Cause Ear Fluid?

Your ears and your nose are connected by a tube called the eustachian tube. It comes back here at the back of your nose. So if your nose is irritated and swollen by allergies, what can happen is the eustachian tube can swell shut. This can lead to fluid and irritation and infections in your ear. And this can ultimately lead to ear drainage.

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