How Immunotherapy Treatment Can Help Get Rid of Your Allergies


How long does allergy immunotherapy last?

Allergy immunotherapy can provide lifelong relief from allergy symptoms. The vast majority of patients experience relief for years and many will have relief for much longer. Allergy shots or allergy drops will typically be administered on a regular basis for three to five years to achieve this result.

What Is Immunotherapy?

Allergy immunotherapy trains your immune system to build up a tolerance to your allergy triggers and stop reacting to them. Immunotherapy does this by gradually exposing your body to trace doses of what you’re allergic to. Over time, your body stops reacting to your allergy triggers, providing long-term allergy relief.

Do Over-the-Counter Allergy Medications Work?

Allergy medications like Claritin or Zyrtec will work for a few hours, but as soon as they're out of your system, your allergy symptoms come back. Immunotherapy is the only scientifically proven method of changing your immune system for longterm allergy relief.

How To Find Out What You’re Allergic To

The way we do this is we get you allergy tested. And once your physician identifies your specific allergy triggers, we give you small doses of exactly what you're allergic to over a prolonged period of time. Take an at-home allergy test to determine what you're allergic to!

Will Your Allergy Symptoms Come Back?

Over time, what happens is your body actually becomes desensitized. So, even when you stop taking the immunotherapy, you don't have symptoms.

Get Lifelong Allergy Relief With Immunotherapy

If you’re ready to finally get lifelong allergy relief, immunotherapy might be right for you. Our doctors at Wyndly will use your unique allergy profile and allergy history to find the best treatment plan to get you long-term relief.

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