Why Wyndly Raised $2M + 4 Things We Wished We'd Known

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Wyndly's 2023 $2M raise was originally announced on the Denver Business Journal by Nikki Wentling.

At Wyndly, we fix allergies by training your body to ignore its allergy triggers.

Raising $2M To Fix Allergies

We're excited to announce a $2M raise which lets us reach even more allergy sufferers across the US. Y Combinator, Goodwater Capital, Civilization Ventures, Sweater Ventures, and Kevin Mahaffey are all participating in this round.

(I'll also share the 4 most important things I've learned since I became a Y Combinator backed founder.)

Allergies affect each and every person differently – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We’re bridging a gap in the traditional healthcare system by delivering superior care through accessible and convenient telehealth.

We’re seeing an increase in allergy symptoms that correlates directly with increased pollen, smoke, and smog in our air, pushing over 85 million allergy sufferers into the hands of only 5,000 allergists. That's 1 allergist for every 17,000 allergy sufferers!

Plus, the common treatment of antihistamines only provides short-term symptom relief as opposed to targeting the root cause with allergy immunotherapy, a clinically-proven treatment approved by the FDA.

Manan and I are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring this treatment to millions of Americans. We started Wyndly because we knew that the healthcare experience could be better. We've built Wyndly by making ease and convenience for the patient our number one goal.

When we asked our investors why they invested, here's what they said:

I'm really excited about this. The way we treat allergies today, with Zyrtec and Claritin, is medieval medicine. It doesn't solve the underlying problem; it just tries to cover it up.
Allergy immunotherapy is the future. Most people don't realize that allergies are now a curable disease. In the future, taking Claritin for allergies is going to seem like taking Tylenol for an ear infection. Why would you treat the symptoms when you could just cure the disease?

Jared Friedman, Y Combinator

As someone with allergies, I understand first-hand the potential value of easy-to-use immunotherapy provided by Wyndly. I hope Wyndly can help millions of Americans suffer less from their allergies!

Shahram Seyedin-Noor, Civilization Ventures

Today, people who move or travel frequently, live in rural areas, hate needles, or feel tight on time want their allergies treated but aren’t willing to take the weekly trip to sit in an allergy clinic and get a shot. These are millions of people who have to change their lifestyles, put off getting a dog, and miss fun outdoor activities, all due to their allergies. With Wyndly, they finally have access to care they have been seeking.

We made our investment because we believe allergy treatment is ripe for disruption, that Wyndly offers the highest quality of care available, and that Manan and Aakash are the right people for the job.

Cash Allred, Sweater Ventures

How Wyndly Works

At Wyndly, we fix your allergies for life by addressing the root cause. Here's how:

  1. You take our at-home allergy test to give us your unique allergy profile
  2. You meet with a Wyndly doctor who provides you a personalized treatment plan made only for you, your diagnostic results, and your allergy history. Our patients often choose allergy immunotherapy, which trains your immune system to ignore its allergy triggers through desensitization.
  3. Your medicine arrives straight to your doorstep, and your doctor is available 24/7 over text, phone call, email, or even in-person!
  4. You throw away the worthless antihistamines that haven't worked for you.

The 4 Things Every Early Founder Must Know

Wyndly launched in 2021. It's been two years since we were in Y Combinator. Here's what I wish I'd known when I first started.

1. Learn To Love Schlep

Schlep is tedious work. However, it's unavoidable. Here's YC Founder Paul Graham on why schlep matters.

I soon learned from experience that schleps are not merely inevitable, but pretty much what business consists of. A company is defined by the schleps it will undertake. And schleps should be dealt with the same way you'd deal with a cold swimming pool: just jump in. Which is not to say you should seek out unpleasant work per se, but that you should never shrink from it if it's on the path to something great.

Paul Graham, YC Founder, on Schlep

2. When In Doubt, Move With Velocity

The more often you ship something, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you course-correct. The more you course-correct, the more you make something people want.

Paul Graham on Velocity

3. Make Something People Want

It's Y Combinator's motto for a reason. When you make something people love, that's when you will find success.

Paul Graham on Make Something People Want

4. Ignore Your Competitors

Competitors take up a lot of brainspace. But they don't matter. If you focus on your customers, the rest will take care of itself. 

Paul Graham on Competitors
Paul Graham on Competitors


Wyndly's 2023 $2M raise was originally announced on the Denver Business Journal by Nikki Wentling.

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