What Are the Types of Allergy Reactions?


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What are the four types of allergy reactions? Scientists classify allergy reactions into four types of allergy reactions.

But in general, when people are thinking about an allergy reaction, they're thinking about type I hypersensitivity, or IgE mediated allergy reactions. These are the types of allergy reactions where IgE releases histamine, and your body will have symptoms like asthma or allergic rhinitis, which is sneezing and runny nose and water eyes, or allergic dermatitis, which is skin rashes.

Types II and III are the types of allergy reactions that are associated with IgG or IgM. And what this means, is patients will have diseases such as hemolytic anemia or lupus.

And type IV is cell-mediated hypersensitivity. And what that means is it's a delayed type. And this type of reaction, patients, their cells will actually attack things. And so this is usually associated with things like a rejection of an organ transplant. And sometimes it is associated with a metal or skin reaction.

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